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Unless YOU, individually, wake up and raise your voice and strength against the all pervading evil,

no one, LITERALLY, is going to do it for you,

and precisely

because your very consciousness and awareness

remain on the level of some blind believer in the "bright future of mankind"

Tuesday, June 27, 2017


Sometimes historic changes are announced in obscure headlines such as this one: “Defense Ministers from Six Countries Focus on Cooperation in Prague.”

A more accurate headline would read “Austro-Hungarian Empire revived after 100 year hiatus.” The story says Czechia, Slovakia, Hungary, Austria, Slovenia and Croatia are going to carry out a joint exercise to protect their borders. Their joint borders are almost the same borders as those of the Austro-Hungarian Empire and within these borders civilian, police and military authorities are going to work together. Usually, a shared external border, in this case operating independently from the EU, is a definition of a country.

It is also worth noting the Habsburg dynasty overthrown after World War I were rivals of the Saxe-Gotha-Rothschild dynasties that won the war; which may be why Hungary has already thrown out its Saxe-Gotha-Rothschild central bank.

Monday, June 26, 2017


Il vecchio ordine implode, nel mentre, avvengono cambiamenti storici nel centro dell'Europa, Asia e altrove

26 Giugno 2017

A volte i cambiamenti storici sono annunciati in titoli oscuri come questo: “I ministri della Difesa di sei paesi della Cooperazione , si è svolta a Praga” .

(ndt. Trattasi dei sei paesi [Repubblica Ceca, Slovacchia, Austria, Slovenia, Ungheria e Croazia] del Raggruppamento per la cooperazione europea per la difesa centrale (CEDC) )

Un titolo più accurato sarebbe leggere “ L'impero Austro-Ungarico si rianima dopo 100 anni di pausa.” La storia dice che la Repubblica Ceca, Slovacchia, Ungheria, Austria Slovenia e la Croazia si preparano a svolgere un'applicazione congiunta a difesa dei loro confini. I loro confini comuni sono quasi gli stessi vecchi confini dell'impero austro-ungarico,  all'interno di questi confini le autorità civili, di polizia e i militari stanno lavorando insieme. Di solito, con una frontiera esterna comune, in questo caso si opera in modo indipendente dall'Unione europea, è la definizione di un paese.

E' anche interessante notare che la dinastia degli Asburgo rovesciata dopo la prima guerra mondiale era rivale delle dinastie della Sassonia-Gotha-Rothschild che hanno vinto la guerra;  può essere il motivo per cui l'Ungheria ha espulso dalla sua banca centrale i Sassoni-Gotha-Rothschild. 


Historic changes in central Europe Asia and elsewhere as old order implodes

June 26, 2017
Sometimes historic changes are announced in obscure headlines such as this one: “Defense Ministers from Six Countries Focus on Cooperation in Prague.”

A more accurate headline would read “Austro-Hungarian Empire revived after 100 year hiatus.” The story says Czechia, Slovakia, Hungary, Austria Slovenia and Croatia are going to carry out a joint exercise to protect their borders. Their joint borders are almost the same borders as those of the Austro-Hungarian Empire and within these borders civilian, police and military authorities are going to work together. Usually, a shared external border, in this case operating independently from the EU, is a definition of a country.

It is also worth noting the Habsburg dynasty overthrown after World War I were rivals of the Saxe-Gotha-Rothschild dynasties that won the war; which may be why Hungary has already thrown out its Saxe-Gotha-Rothschild central bank.

It is a good guess that Karl Von Habsburg,
head of the Paneuropean Union and heir to the Habsburg throne, sees a chance to revive his ancestor’s Empire now that his Saxe-Gotha-Rothschild rivals have lost so much of their power.
Elsewhere in Europe, we are seeing a growing split between Germany and the US with people in Germany now openly talking about the EU imposing sanctions on the US in retaliation for their efforts to stop the Germans from buying more cheap Russian gas.
The Europeans are also pushing to create a joint army with the capability to operate overseas as yet another break with US President Donald Trump’s America.

Also, Rothschild slave President Emmanuel Macron of France has now publicly sided with Russia on Syria. This is a clear indication the opportunistic Rothschilds understand who they have to suck up to now if they want to protect their interests.

The rise of Russia’s influence, however, has led to a huge power struggle there with the Knights of Malta trying to take control, according to FSB sources there. The following Russians have been awarded the Maltese Knight’s cross:
Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu, B.A.Berezovsky, Pavel Borodin, G.E.Burbulis, Mikhail Gorbachev, Boris Yeltsin, VV . Ilyushin V.V.Kostikov, M.Yu.Lesin, S.F.Lisovsky, Yevgeny Primakov, A.V.Rutskoy, S.A.Filatov, Shaimiev, S.M.Shahry, V.B.Yumashev, and S.V.Yastrzhembsky, according to Russian FSB sources.

“Why are these people involved in an organization that has promoted the destruction of Russia (what is left of it), the collapse of industry, science and education, the extinction of the Russian people and the spiritual impoverishment of the nation?” an FSB source connected with the White Dragon Society asks. “The Masonic Order of the Knight’s Cross is awarded for the behind the scenes aiding in the destruction of Russian statehood, sovereignty and power of the State,” this source continues.

The source says the Knights of Malta are trying to control all Russian private security companies. They are doing this through an association of bodyguards in Russia led by a Mr. Fonareff who is “a small puppet to the Order of Malta.” The parent organization is the International Bodyguard and Security Services Organization.

“When you read their website just remove the “anti”…because I hear the Hospitaliers and Red Cross are involved in human trafficking and organ theft,” according to the source, who is senior in the Russian government.

The entire organization is headed by Professor George Popper, a senior Knight of Malta.

Leo Zagami, a self-confessed Satanist, claimed the black sun worshipping P2 Freemason lodge gave orders to the Knights of Malta.

This does not mean that the majority of members of the Knights of Malta are Satanists, only certain key people around the top of the hierarchy are.

In any case, the attempt by the IBSSA to control all private security companies in Russia is typical of the fascist P2 freemason lodge who want to create an absolute, centralized world dictatorship. The Russian WSD faction is opposed to centralized monolithic control and is expected to win the power struggle there.

The power struggle elsewhere is also going against the Satanists. In the Middle East, King Salman named his son Mohammed Bin Salman as crown prince and fired his half-brother Nayef, who is well connected to the US establishment. Since the King Salman who has appeared recently in public is visibly younger than the senile Salman who took over the throne it is safe to assume he is just a body double and that the 31 year old Salman Jr. is now King of Saudi Arabia.

However, Pentagon sources say “this is just a futile attempt to delay the global currency reset.” Furthermore, “Saudi Arabia is isolated by the Russian/Iranian/Qatari cartel, and may soon be forced to sell what little oil it still has for yuan and non-dollars,” the sources say. Right now only the UAE, Bahrain, Egypt and Israel support the Saudi regime.

The Pentagon sources also say US President Donald Trump’s son in law Jared Kushner was sent on orders of the US military/intelligence establishment to Israel to meet Israeli Prime Minister Benyamin Netanyahu to demand regime change there. It is no coincidence the Iranian and Hizbollah forces, protected by a new Russian air base, have arrived at the Israeli border to give notice to the criminal Netanyahu regime that it is militarily isolated from the world. The US military is not going to fight to protect the criminal Netanyahu regime, the Pentagon sources say.

A similar move is being made in the Ukraine where President Petro Poroshenko has been summoned to Washington “to discuss regime change,” the sources say. These moves are part of a worldwide effort to end all conflicts and prepare the way for a new financial system, they say.

There is also likely to be regime change in the US, the sources continue. Here the latest developments show the entire “blame Russia” campaign by the old establishment is failing. Instead the “Cabal is on its back foot as Bernie Sanders and wife Jane are under FBI investigation for bank fraud and former attorney general Loretta Lynch is under a Department of Justice probe for obstruction of justice,” the Pentagon sources say.

Trump himself is expected to be eventually removed since the US requires real regime change while Trump merely represents the lesser evil faction of the old regime, the sources continue.

In Asia as well, there is a lot going on. Last week South Korean President Moon Jae In had a conversation with his North Korean counterpart Kim Jon Un where the agreed to unify the Korean Peninsula in the near future, according to Japanese right wing sources close to the emperor. This move, like the incipient revival of the Habsburg state, is possible now because the post 1913 Federal Reserve Board secret government is collapsing, WDS sources in Asia say.

In Japan, meanwhile there was a bizzare incident in which the USS Fitzgerald, a state of the art missile destroyer, was rammed by a Philippine registered cargo ship. Pentagon sources speculate it “may have been a false flag e-hijacking by Israel, unable to use its submarines, to frame North Korea just a few days after the 50th anniversary of the 1967 Israeli attack on the USS Liberty.”

The other possibility, the sources say, is the “the Fitz may have been immobilized by emp or electronic warfare, forcing the US military to disclose its base on mars, suppressed technology, and the secret space program (ssp) which is good for humanity.”

There has been definitely some sort of futuristic secret technology deployed in Japan in recent years. The Japanese underground military hardware stockpiles and bases in Kyushu were destroyed recently by some secret weapon. Also, the radiation around Fukushima has all vanished after a huge fleet of unknown aircraft flew over the region, according to Japanese military intelligence.

The fascist regime of Prime Minister Shinzo Abe is also under a growing siege. Newspapers here are reporting as a scandal that Abe used undue influence to help the Okayama Prefecture based Kake Gakuen educational institution open a new veterinary medicine school.

What the newspapers are not reporting is that Kake Gakuen is run by the same people who were involved in Japan’s notorious unit 731 biological and chemical warfare institute and that the “veterinary school” was just a cover for the development of bio and chemical weapons, sources close to the Emperor say. In other words, instead of mincing words about “influence peddling,” the newspapers should talk about war crimes. In any case, Abe is dying, the sources say and fundamental regime change ie the removal of the fascists, in Japan is just a matter of time.


Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Français -- Benjamin Fulford: 19:06:2017

Le pétrodollar est à l’agonie, alors que le Qatar sort du système en vendant son pétrole en Yuans

le 19 juin 2017

La crise du Qatar marque un tournant important dans la bataille contre la Mafia khazar. Manifestement l’Arabie Saoudite et d’autres pays exportateurs de pétrole ont décidé de tenter un blocus contre le Qatar « parce qu’il soutenait le terrorisme ». En réaction à cette situation, le Président des Etats-Unis Donald Trump a prouvé au monde qu’il ne détenait pas le pouvoir aux Etats-Unis tout d’abord en apportant son soutien au blocus avant d’être obligé par le Pentagone d’effectuer un revirement à 180 ° le lendemain. Ce qui s’est vraiment passé, c’est que le Qatar a conclu un accord avec l’Iran pour exporter le gaz naturel de leurs énormes champs gaziers non pas vers l’Occident en échange d’euros et de dollars sans valeur, mais vers l’Asie, des pays comme l’Inde et la Chine en échange de leurs devises.
La Chambre des Prostituées, pardon ! Je voulais dire la Chambre des Représentants des Etats-Unis a réagi à cette situation en votant de nouvelles sanctions contre la Russie, ce qui reviendrait à dire à l’Europe d’acheter du gaz Américain plus cher au lieu du gaz Russe bon marché. Les Allemands et les Autrichiens ont réagi en disant aux Américains d’aller se faire voir.
Ces évènements montrent clairement que l’ancien régime tombe en morceaux avec la rupture entre Washington et l’Union Européenne qui se creuse de jour en jour.
Les Saoudiens sous contrôle de la Mafia khazar et leurs partenaires criminels Israéliens ont vu tous leurs plans de création de « l’OTAN Arabe » leur exploser à la figure. Les véritables pays musulmans comme la Turquie, l’Irak, l’Iran, le Pakistan et d’autres aux côtés de superpuissances comme la Russie et la Chine se sont ligués pour soutenir le Qatar, laissant l’alliance Israélo-Saoudienne totalement isolée. L’Inde et le Pakistan ont montré qu’ils étaient du côté de la Russie et de la Chine en rejoignant l’Organisation de Coopération de Shanghai, ce que l’Iran envisage de faire l’année prochaine.

Nederlands -- BENJAMIN FULFORD: 19:06:2017

Petrodollar gedoemd als Katar de gelederen doorbreekt en zijn olie in Yuan verkoopt

19 juni 2017
De crisis in Katar markeert een belangrijk keerpunt in de strijd tegen de Khazariaanse maffia. Ogenschijnlijk hebben Saudi Arabië en andere olie exporterende staten besloten om Katar te proberen te blokkeren “omdat het terrorisme ondersteunde.” In reactie op deze actie, liet VS president Donald Trump de wereld zien dat hij niet de leiding had in de VS door eerst de blokkade te steunen en dan weer gedwongen te worden door het Pentagon om de volgende dag zijn standpunt 180 graden te veranderen. Wat er daar werkelijk aan de gang is, is dat Katar een overeenkomst bereikt heeft met Iran om gas te exporteren vanuit zijn enorme gas velden, niet aan het Westen, in ruil voor waardeloze Euro’s of VS dollars maar eerder aan het Oosten aan plaatsen als India en China in ruil voor hun valuta.
Het Hoerenhuis van de VS, oeps! Ik bedoel Huis van Afgevaardigden, reageerde op deze ontwikkeling door nieuwe sancties uit te vaardigen tegen Rusland wat er in de grond op neer kwam Europa te vertellen duur Amerikaans gas te kopen in plaats van goedkoop Russisch gas. De Duitsers en Oostenrijker reageerden door de Amerikanen te vertellen dat ze op konden hoepelen.
Deze ontwikkelingen laten duidelijk zien dat het oude regiem uit elkaar valt met splitsingen tussen Washington en de EU die elke dag steeds duidelijker worden.

Tuesday, June 20, 2017


Petrodolar je osuđen jer Katar razbija redove i prodaje svoju naftu u juanima

Petrodolar je osuđen jer Katar razbija redove i prodaje svoju naftu u juanima

19. lipnja 2017.

Kriza u Kataru označava veliku prekretnicu u borbi protiv kazarske mafije. Očekivano, Saudijska Arabija i druge države izvoznice odlučile su pokušati blokirati Katar jer je podržavao terorizam. U odgovoru na taj potez, američki predsjednik Donald Trump pokazao je svijetu da nije odgovoran za SAD najprije podržavajući blokadu, a onda ga je Pentagon prisilio da promijeni svoj stav za 180 stupnjeva sljedećeg dana. Ono što se tu stvarno događa je da je Katar postigao dogovor s Iranom da izvozi plin iz svojih golemih plinskih polja na Zapadu u zamjenu za bezvrijedne eure ili dolare, nego Istoku i to zemljama poput Indije i Kine u zamjenu za njihove valute.

Američka kuća kurvi, ups! Mislim na Zastupnički dom. Reagirajući na ovaj razvoj stvari usvajanjem novih sankcija protiv Rusije koje bi u osnovi trebale reći Europi da kupuje skupi američki plin umjesto jeftini ruski plin. Nijemci i Austrijanci su reagirali rekavši Amerikancima da otpušu.

Ovi razvoji događaja jasno pokazuju da se stari režim raspada, a podjele između Washingtona i EU postaju sve naglašenije svakim danom.


June 19, 2017

Die Krise in Katar erzeugt einen wesentlichen Wendepunkt im Kampf gegen die Khasarische Mafia. Vordergründig entschieden Saudi-Arabien und andere Öl-exportierende Staaten sich zum Versuch, Katar zu blockieren „weil es den Terrorismus unterstützte.“ Als Reaktion zu diesem Schritt zeigte US-Präsident Donald Trump, dass nicht er derjenige ist, der in den USA das Sagen hat, da er zuerst diese Blockade unterstützte und dann am nächsten Tag vom Pentagon zu einer 180-Grad-Kehrtwende gezwungen wurde. Was hier tatsächlich vor sich geht ist, dass Katar einen Deal mit dem Iran erreichte und Gas aus seinen gewaltigen Gasfeldern nicht gegen wertlose Euros oder US-Dollars nach Westen exportiert, sondern nach Osten, nach Indien oder China, im Austausch gegen deren Währungen. 

Das US-Hurenhaus, ups! ich meine das Repräsentantenhaus reagierte auf diese Entwicklung mit der Erfindung neuer Sanktionen gegen Russland, im Wesentlichen bestehend aus Anweisungen an Europa, teures Gas aus Amerika zu kaufen, anstelle des preiswerten Gases aus Russland. Die Deutschen und die Österreicher forderten die Amerikaner auf, eine Fliege zu machen. 

Diese Entwicklungen zeigen klar den Wegfall des alten Regimes, wobei Spaltungen zwischen Washington und der EU von Tag zu Tag deutlicher werden.

Die von der Khasarischen Mafia kontrollierten Saudis und ihre kriminellen Partner in Israel konnten zusehen, wie sich ihr vollständiger Plan einer „Arabischen NATO“ vor ihren Augen in Luft auflöste. Echte muslimische Staaten wie die Türkei, Irak, Iran, Pakistan und die Supermächte Russland und China stellten sich auf und unterstützen Katar, sodass die Saudisch/Israelische Allianz isoliert wurde. Indien und Pakistan haben sich mit Russland und China verbunden, da sie der Shanghaier-Kooperations-Organisation (Shanghai Cooperation Organization) beitraten. Von Iran wird dies im nächsten Jahr erwartet. 

Das US-Militär seinerseits stellte sich sichtbar gegen die Khasarische Mafia und inszenierte in der letzten Woche militärische Übungen mit Katar, China inszenierte ebensolche Übungen mit dem Iran. Quellen des Pentagon erklärten: „Das US-Militär braucht Katar wegen der Luftwaffenbasis in Al Udeid.“ Die Pentagon-Quellen erwähnten die Tatsache nicht, dass Katar angeboten hatte, für 12 Milliarden Dollar Militärflugzeuge von den USA zu kaufen, um die Finanzen des Pentagons in Schwung zu halten. Jedenfalls hat die Luftwaffenbasis auch den Zweck sicherzustellen, dass der verrückte Satanist und Israelische Ministerpräsident Benyamin Netanyahu und seine Verbindungsleute des Khasarischen Mobs keinerlei Gelegenheiten bekommen, den 3. Weltkrieg anzufangen, berichten die Quellen. Eine direktere Botschaft wäre: „ERGEBT EUCH ODER STERBT.“



2017 FSB Meeting - EN from Roberto Petitpas on Vimeo.



“Glory to God in the highest, and on Earth

Peace, Good Will toward men.”

This Christmas, Give Peace.



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